Construction and General Industry Safety Consulting
“Safety Compliance with a Priority”

Our Mission

To assist your business in applying effective measures at achieving an incident free work environment and a higher standard of health and safety in the workplace. Your Safety should not be a Goal, but already a way of life at Home as well as at Work! Our Services will provide you the tools to do just that!

Workplace Safety Training

The Safety Quest Consulting and Safety Services offer professional experienced job site and workplace safety consulting that provide health and safety implementation, regulation compliance and OSHA safety training.

The Safety Quest Consulting provides your organization with services in the following areas:

· Supervisory workplace Safety Training and Leadership Management

· Employee workplace Safety Training and Involvement

· Workplace Inspections and Audits

· Safety Plans and Programs

· Hazard Identification (JHA & AHA Implementation) Job / Activity Hazard Analysis

· Risk Assessments and Corrective Actions

· USACOE EM 385-1-1 Safety Compliance

· Accident Reporting and Investigation

· Recordkeeping

· And more -