Construction and General Industry Safety Consulting
“Safety Compliance with a Priority”

OSHA Compliance Training

The Safety Quest, provides a wide range of OSHA compliance training. The courses are unique in its diversified applications of quality hands-on OSHA Compliance Training presented by experienced safety consultant professionals with highly accredited field experience and valuable skilled safety knowledge brought to the table. The authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer provided by The Safety Quest is an excellent resource for servicing areas of compliance with OSHA training safety topics offered to our clients.

Construction Safety Management Services

The Safety Quest Consulting and Safety Services offer’s businesses a simple straight forward professional “hands on” Construction Safety Management Services applicable to your specific construction site safety compliance needs. These services includes, the JHA / AHA program, project site safety assessment reports, site safety orientation, supervisor site safety management meetings, construction safety training.

Additionally, TSQ, offers Quality (SSHO) Services for client project sites by contract.

Project Job Hazard Analysis and/or (AHA under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

TSQ will manage the Job Hazard Analysis Program (JHA). The JHA is an effective tool used to apply safe work practices for every trade specific task.

The JSA is a simple form that is completed by the site supervisor and site safety officer prior to conducting a task. The form allows the effected employees to break the task down into steps, identify the associated hazards, and the corrective actions taken to either eliminate or protect themselves from the identified hazards. TSQ Safety Consultants will evaluate and train site management and crews who need to apply a better understanding of the JHA or AHA process. Having a clear understanding of the JHA process, will improve the continuity between lagging and leading indicators on a jobsite, and build a more positive change in construction site safety.

Project Site Safety Assessment Reports

Project Site Safety Assessment Reports are used as a simple on-the-spot way to conduct an assessment of the job site to identify not only the negative but the positive practices or conditions as it relates to construction site safety. Completion of this assessment is mainly a responsibility of the designated site safety officer as well as collective information from employees involved.

By completing this assessment report it creates a productive applicable tool to identify the safety trends and determine where the client is doing well and where there is a need for increased job site safety focus. By communicating this with top management, it actively involves key leaders to identify and record critical safety assessment findings, implements corrective actions and simply ensures that safety is a key part of daily activities. With The Safety Quest business objective, this assessment is personally taught as a key tool in workplace safety.

Project Site Safety Orientation

This service provides pre-job orientation to all levels of personnel on the project site, including Sub-contractors. Project Site Safety Orientation includes Site Specific Safety Rules and Procedures, Site Specific JHA / AHA Training, Safety Assessment Training, and any additional information that the owner or employer wishes to convey to all employees.