Construction and General Industry Safety Consulting
“Safety Compliance with a Priority”

Joe Sherman (Owner, President)

Joe Sherman is a retired United States Army Veteran with an extensive safety background. His military service experience involves logistics commodities, safety / risk management, quality control, maintenance operations, material management, as well as the EM 385 Series Safety Program. Mr. Sherman also has years of experience as a Corporate Safety Officer in the private sector. He has strong knowledge in both the Federal and State level OSHA regulations. He was a certified military safety instructor, and is currently an OSHA Outreach Training Instructor and graduate of the University of San Diego (OSHA) Safety Professional Certificate Program.


Our company, Brickley Environmental has worked with Joe Sherman in his capacity as the corporate safety officer for a respected Federal/military defense contractor here in southern California. Joe is well versed in Cal OSHA and Fed OSHA construction regulations and how they apply to multiple trades during construction projects. Joe’s familiarity with the Federal EM 385-1-1 safety standard has been invaluable on out joint collaborations. Joe can always be relied upon for his keen insight, timely response, and willingness to do what is necessary to complete the project safety and successfully.

Tim Brickley VP safety officer
Brickley Environmental
San Bernardino, CA.

Mr. Joe Sherman is the consummate safety professional; he possesses the knowledge and integrity that are valuable assets for his clients.  His familiarity with safety standards encompasses not only the US federal OSHA standards but also the U.S. Army Corps EM-385 standards and various state standards such as the California OSHA standards.  Mr. Sherman’s ability to skillfully apply the applicable standards to a specific situation illustrates the scope of his expertise.  Furthermore, Mr. Sherman utilizes the dynamics that occur in the workplace to properly balance potential opposing interests that tend to distort the proper application of safety principles. His realistic solutions to demanding issues describe the underlying principles of his company, The Safety Quest.

David H. Glabe, P.E.
Founding Partner of DH Glabe & Associates
Westminster, Colorado.

We have been working with Joe for the past four years in which he has not only guided, but given us a fundamental understanding of developing safety plans, hazard analyses, and safety audits. Many of our employees have been through training with Joe and we can say his understanding of the U.S. Army Corps EM 385, Fed OSHA, and Cal OSHA standards is unsurpassed. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for a professional and passionate safety expert to help with their most difficult safety challenges.

Ryan Turner
Met West Construction, Inc.